Basic Rules

Entrance to the club is exclusively for members, who must present a valid identity document along with their membership card to access the Club. In case of loss of the card, 15 Euros will be paid to make a copy.

It is forbidden to enter the club with urban vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, etc., and the taking of photographs or videos inside the premises. Mobile Phones and videodevices such as cameras, Gopro etc have to be placed in the locker before entering the VIP Area or MemberArea. 

The following will be understood as serious offenses, grounds for expulsion of the associated person:

Give the card to another person.

Provide false information in your registration.

The existence of a firm conviction for drug trafficking.

Failure to comply with the safety and prevention recommendations provided by the association regarding keeping cannabis out of the reach of third parties or consuming it on public roads.

Failure to report sanctions or legal charges related to drug possession, consumption or trafficking.

Members are not allowed to take Cannabis outside of the Club !! 
Each Member has his own Locker that works only with his RFID access card and can store the cannabis there before leaving the premises.
Our CCTV Cameras keep an eye out of members bringing or taking cannabis outside of the club.
Members caught doing so will be terminated the membership with a BAN for any future memberships.

Many Clubs in Mallorca have been closed by the police because of members not following the rules !!! 
Keep our club alive and do not break the rules !